New Adventure

We are having the kitchen redone.

Here is our old, horrible kitchen:

Pieces kept falling off!

The stove (Greg was making dinner)

The refrigerator and the basement door - awkward!

There were other problems as well, like a lack of storage space, the leak from the bathtub upstairs, and the not-very-helpful lighting, to name a few.  The bathtub leak was fixed, but it left an ugly legacy on the ceiling.

So we hired our friend Will of Footprint Architecture to draw us up a new plan.  The plan involves moving the door between the dining room and kitchen, adding a pass-through, moving the refrigerator to a different wall, moving the stove a little to the right and putting countertop on BOTH sides, adding a peninsula, and new, strong cabinetry with a lifetime guarantee!  It will make more sense once you see it.

Today, the contractors arrived after I left for work (Greg stayed home) and started demolition. This is what it looks like now:

No sink, no cabinets, part of the wall gone

No fridge or stove, and dangling wiring

Oh, THERE it is! How odd-looking.

So, we also have the microwave and toaster oven set up in the dining room, and the coffee maker and electric tea kettle.  But we will have to fill the coffee maker and the tea kettle from the bathroom, upstairs.  We have all the new cabinetry waiting in our garage, but we don’t have the new flooring yet.  We still need to get the sink, the countertops, the new lighting and fans, and the new, over-the-range microwave oven.  I am hoping for some Memorial Day sales this weekend!

Tonight, we are going out for dinner.  We do have a grill, but are reluctant to have to wash dishes (since that will also have to be done in the bathroom) so we probably won’t do a lot of cooking.  I have laid in a supply of paper plates and bowls and cups, for the interim.

Watch this space for more photos and updates as things progress!

3 Responses to “New Adventure”

  1. Doris Says:

    This is so exciting! I have been wondering all week about your kitchen, and what’s happening in it…so, now, I know! Eating out seems like a really wise decision. You don’t show us any pictures of the living room and dining room…I assume that’s where you have all the contents from your cupboards. Hope your credit card doesn’t melt as it’s being swiped everywhere this weekend! Love you! Mom

  2. Doris Says:

    I take it back…there is a picture of your dining room…I thought it was the garage!

  3. teawithbuzz Says:

    Ha! You can’t get into the garage right now, it is full of boxes of cabinetry. I will post a picture of that, maybe tomorrow. MOST of the stuff from the kitchen is actually split between the guest room and the basement, actually.

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