A Little Progress

We love coming home each day to see what has been done to our kitchen.  First, the new wall got its studs, and the ceiling came off.  This was a little surprising, since we thought just the icky part of the ceiling where the leak had been was going to be patched, but the decision was made to take down the whole ceiling.  This makes it easier for the electrical work, which includes 4 recessed lighting fixtures, two mini fans (24″ span) and a pendant light.

Oh look, it's the bathtub drain!

Then some cabinetry was placed, and today the electricians were here all day installing outlets, moving outlets, moving the phone, moving light switches, and making sure there was wiring for the under-cabinet lighting.  They were here longer than expected and didn’t quite finish.  They’ll be back–particularly since they are also upgrading our service to the level of “most modern homes,” or 200-Amp service.  This raises the total cost, of course.

Drawer unit with flooring sample

Cabinets on the "stove" wall, with space for microwave

Cabinets on "sink" wall

New phone location: next to pass-through

Meanwhile, we have acquired the new microwave, the counters have been ordered (though we haven’t go all the cabinets in yet so they are not templated or anything like that), the natural linoleum-on-cork flooring should be in early next week, the new sink has been delivered, we’ve been to Ikea once, Sears twice, and Home Depot over and over again.

Dinner has been a daily adventure as well.  We’ve discovered a Mexican restaurant we really like, we’ve been to the local diner, we’ve been to our local Bertucci’s, we’ve had several nights of sandwiches, and we attended a potluck Memorial Day picnic which we contributed snacks and veggie burgers to.

A note on photos—I will be uploading a more complete set to flickr at some time in the near future.  Also, I will certainly continue keeping you updated here!

2 Responses to “A Little Progress”

  1. Melissa R. Says:

    This is fascinating. I am enjoying it all vicariously–thank you!

    My own kitchen angst this week has been the fact that my tiny window unit a/c (singular, yes, and located in the bedroom) does not do squat for the dining room/kitchen (two rooms away), which reached 87 today, with the a/c on nearly full blast. Thank goodness the heat wave’s breaking tonight, and I don’t need to make more granola for a while.

  2. Doris Says:

    So exciting! I’m interested in learning more about your flooring — linoleum on cork sounds unusual. We are very happy with our recently installed vinyl “wood” flooring, laid in planks like wood, and virtually indestructible, and it looks good, too. I have to laugh at “modern” wiring — we’re still using the original, installed I think, shortly after Tesla prevailed with alternating current — and we’re told that it’s more than adequate if we use gas for cooking, clothes drying and water heating. The only shortage is outlets — we had some installed in the kitchen this last week, and they’re a big help. And, no air conditioning. Not a big problem in an old house with solid walls, insulation, and high ceilings — not to mention, we’re in Buffalo!

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