Nearly Finished

Well, I AM finished with school for the summer, but the kitchen is only nearly finished. Check it out!

First, some details:

New ball valves

The kitchen sink now has new ball valves instead of the kind with the round knob that you have to turn a bunch of times to open or close all the way.  Of course, I had to test these out when they were first put in, so I leaned over to get a good close view and I turned the knob…and immediately sprayed myself, the ceiling, the inside of the cabinet, and the window with water. DUH!  If anyone else had been there they would have gotten a very good laugh, but I was alone so I had to laugh at myself.

Hidden trash receptacle

Next to the stove is where we will keep the trash.  There really isn’t a place to put a trash bin in the kitchen, so this is a good compromise.  It is near enough to the peninsula where we will be doing food prep, and we can put recycling into the second bin.

They open ALL THE WAY!

Apparently, this is how they make drawers these days.  They open all the way so you can see what is in the back instead of having to feel around for items.  What you can’t see here is that you can’t slam the drawers shut.  Old drawers wouldn’t have that problem because they are too high-friction (I’m thinking of the ones in my parents’ kitchen) but modern drawers have bearings and tracks and slide super-easily.  So when the drawer is almost all the way in, a mechanism engages that slows the drawer and closes it gently and quietly.  I have stood in the kitchen and opened and closed the drawers multiple times because I find this fascinating.


To me, a pantry will always be the pantry in my parents’ house, which has tall glass-fronted cabinets where all the plates, glasses, bowls, stemware, fancy china, etcetera are stored.  There is a giant flour bin that tilts out from under the counter, cabinets and drawers full of linens, paper plates, candles, plastic wrap, cereal, liquor, and sometimes cookies, and it provides passage between the dining room and the kitchen.  However, our new “pantry” is a tall and deep cabinet with these handy pull-out shelves (which also pull out all the way) where we will keep our rice and flour and sugar and other supplies.

Under the sink

Under the sink we have a place to put sponges and dish soap, and shelves for more cleaning supplies. It looks so nice!

Also in the sink photo you get a good glimpse of the new flooring.  It is environmentally-friendly “marmoleum” from Forbo which is basically linoleum (linseed oil and pine sawdust from renewable forests) on MDF HDF and with a cork backing.  It will gradually get less yellow over the next few weeks as it is exposed to light, and will finally settle on a color that Will selected for us (the Footprint Architecture guy) which is called “Carribbean.” It is mostly kindof sand-colored with swirls of darker sand and also blue that matches the trim color.  We like it!

So anyway, the kitchen now has all the appliances back in and we are waiting on a few pieces to be delivered:

  • A replacement filler strip to go over the fridge-and-pantry, since the original strip was the wrong color
  • A wider filler for between the dishwasher and the wall, since that space is too large for a regular filler strip and too small to put anything useful into
  • The butcher block slab for the peninsula
  • The manufactured quartz counters for everywhere else

However, here are several views of the nearly finished kitchen:

The "sink" wall, with dishwasher in place

The "stove" wall

Over the peninsula, into the dining room

One of two cute mini-fans, and two of four LED ceiling lights

We have not made any decisions about window treatments for the window or the door to the deck, but that may happen later this summer.

5 Responses to “Nearly Finished”

  1. Doris Says:

    Oooooh! It’s so beautiful already! And, I never thought you’d find so much room for storage space. What about an upright “file” for vertical storage of cutting boards and trays and Greg’s pastry board in that space next to the dishwasher? When can we come for dinner? Love you! Mom

  2. teawithbuzz Says:

    Well, that was the original idea, tray/cookie sheet storage, but the contractor didn’t feel confident making one from scratch and the cabinetry company doesn’t have a version you can buy, so we are just covering it up.

  3. Keiko Says:


  4. Joel Says:

    It’s going to be a beautiful new kitchen! But I have a question: what is MDF (one of the flooring materials)?

    Congratulations on the near completion of this large and complicated project!


  5. teawithbuzz Says:

    MDF is medium-density fiberboard. However, your comment inspired me to go double-check the materials on the insert from one of the packages, and it is actually HDF which is high-density. So I am going back to edit this post. ;-)

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