I photograph everything

When walking with the tour group in Japan, I would sometimes fall behind due to stopping and taking photos of things.  If something catches my eye, I like to take a picture. I have a bunch of photos of  interesting signs, most meals I ate, vending machines, store shelves, lotuses, pigeons, stray cats, lots of roofs, roof gutters, and one of my favorite categories: things on the ground.  Here are some things I saw on the ground in Japan:

A Tokyo manhole cover

The floor of the stairway to a basement Internet/manga cafe

Another Tokyo manhole cover

Salt at the entrance to the ryokan/onsen in Hakone

Yet another manhole cover

Tatami border in the temple lodgings in Koya-san

Flowers on the ground at Koya-san

Maple leaf design in the pavement by the Miyajima ferry

Paper cranes we left at the Children's Monument at Hiroshima Peace Park

Design on street in Gion district, Kyoto

"Street sign" in Gion district, Kyoto

3 Responses to “I photograph everything”

  1. Doris Says:

    In dance, and tai chi, and conversation we’re urged to ‘look up.’ Of course, here there are seldom such beautiful things beneath our feet. Are all the manhole covers unique?

  2. teawithbuzz Says:

    No, there were multiples of the same manhole covers. And there were plenty that I passed by too quickly to take photos of!

  3. lil' sister Says:

    I think I spend too much time on facebook. had a strong urge to “like” many of these photos. :P

    I think these are great!

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