This is a photo of Priscilla and Jay Edwards from August, 2010. Summers, I try to make it to my cousin Pam’s summer cottage in the Adirondacks of New York, along with my parents.  We love the lake, the smell of the pines, the abundant home-cooked meals, and the conversations.  For a number of years it has been a tradition for Pam to invite Priscilla and Jay for dinner while my parents are visiting, for a big yummy meal and Priscilla’s home-made applesauce cake with maple syrup icing.  Priscilla and Jay both grew up in the nearby town, Edinburg, and Pam is a “summer person” but Pam became good friends with Priscilla, who is the town historian.  Pam becomes friends with just about everyone, but my family also really enjoys conversations with the Edwards.

Jay was killed in an accident with his logging truck last week.  He wasn’t on the road and nobody else was injured.  He was 72.  Jay was full of stories about life in the Adirondacks, which he happily recounted over beer and good food. Logging is a dangerous job and Jay had survived all sorts of harrowing adventures (according to his stories) with his truck.  He’ll be much missed by his community, and my next summertime trip to Pam’s camp will be missing some Adirondack tall tales.

One Response to “Jay”

  1. Pam Hanke Says:

    Very nice, Frances. Your mother told me you wrote this. It is especially nice to see the picture. We are all feeling pretty overwhelmed by this loss. Thanks. Pam

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