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Iterative Translation Poetry

17 April 2017

I follow a couple of tumblr blogs, and today I noticed a post that linked to this blog: Language Log and a post about putting Japanese characters into Google Translate and then repeating them to see how the translation evolves. Here is an excerpt:

ュース repeated gives successively:

Yu Susui Suu Suu Su
Yu Susui Suu Suu Suu Su
Susui Suu Suu Suu Suu Su
Susui Suu Suu Suu Suu Suu Su
Susui Suu Suu Suu Suu Suu Suu Su
Susuue with the airport
It is a good thing to see and do.
It is a good idea to have a good view of the surrounding area.
It is a good thing for you to do.
It is good to know the things you do not do.
It is good to know the things you do not mind.
It is a good idea to have a good view of the surrounding area.

I tried this myself, and I got something a lot more melancholy. My repeated characters were:


My poem is:

Nice feeling
I do not feel like it.
I do not feel like it.
Good-natured mind I do not like feeling
I do not like myself
I do not have a mind.

It goes on from there with longer translations:

He is good at hearting (sic) I wish I do not have a good feeling
I am a nice person with a good temperament I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling
I am a nice person with a good temperament I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling
I do not have a good heart I want good mind I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling
Good-natured mentality I do not have a good heart I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good idea
I do not have a good heart I am a good person I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good feeling I do not have a good idea

So, if for some reason you are bored and staring at your computer or phone, maybe you will try this and see what you get.



I knew them when…

22 June 2010

Some graduates of the school where I teach made this video about the BP reaction to their spill.  It is very well done, but does contain some lyrics like b**ch, motherf**ker, and s**t, so it isn’t something you want to show your kid or play at top volume at work.  But it is funny!  If you like it, please pass on the link to people you know.

Is it PTBATTD* already?

10 May 2010

Today as I was driving home, when I was about three blocks from home, on a busy and slow road, I saw this guy.

He was wearing black cargo shorts with shiny silver snaps and buckles and maybe studs.  Shiny!  The shorts ended just above his knees.  He was wearing tall black boots, made of what seemed to be canvas, laced up the front, to just below his knees.

His knees were covered in some sort of black neoprene-looking material, perhaps some sort of leggings, but it was hard to tell because of the black cargo shorts and the black boots.

He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a black pocket-covered vest, like a photographer’s vest, over the top.

He was pushing a black bicycle up the hill.

And he was black.

So imagine, you are sitting in your car, and you see this guy.  Who is this guy?  Why is he wearing these clothes?  Have you ever seen anyone wearing black canvas lace-up boots and black cargo pants with shiny silver snaps and buckles?  I was happy the traffic was very slow, because I totally stared at the guy.

I wondered if he was having “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day” (PTBATTD) today.  This is a holiday invented by Aaron Diaz, the artist of one of my favorite webcomics, Dresden Codak.  Shortly after he invented it, the holiday became much more popular than his webcomic.  Originally the holiday was in December (2008), then moved to September in 2009.

Maybe the guy was pretending to be a guy from the future who was completely misinformed about the fashions of 2010, or perhaps he’d gotten the year wrong when he entered the coordinates into his time machine.

I think it would be fun to celebrate PTBATTD, but it is the sort of thing where you need a group so you can video people reacting and then all have a good laugh over beer afterward.


21 January 2010


Radishes come to those who wait

22 November 2009

I planted radishes in the spring.  They are supposed to be a 30-day crop.  So plant them, and harvest a month later.  I spent late spring and early summer pulling up a radish each week to see if they were ready.  No dice.  No radishes, just skinny roots.  Probably I planted too late in the season.  Better luck next year.

Today I thought I would see if the radish bushes had any radishes.  They were very large plants, with little white flowers.  I pulled them all up.  Mostly they were still skinny-rooted.  But I did find these (with, of course, Buzz’s head for scale):

Note the one towards the bottom of the photo – very *ahem* suggestive.  You want to see it close up, don’t you.  OK then.

Interestingly, the largest radish was hollow and contained water.  Now you know how to find water in a radish if you are desperately thirsty.  Radish-flavored water, to be sure, but probably potable.  Here’s the inside of the radish:

I’m not sure any of these will get eaten, as we also have radishes in the fridge from the CSA.  But who knows?

Hell for hypochondriacs

27 October 2009

H1N1About five times a day, I am convinced I am finally coming down with the “swine flu.”  That’s it, on the right.  The symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.  I cough several times a day.  I have post-nasal drip, which sometimes results in a sore throat.  I get chilled easily.  I am often fatigued.  I get headaches.  Different parts of my body ache at various times.  Happily, I rarely feel fevered.

There were five students absent from class first period today.  There were six absent from third period.  Third period already had one confirmed (i.e. actually tested) case, and one student has now been out for seven days.

For the first time ever, I am keeping a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on my classroom desk.  Teacher desks are some of the most microbially-rich workplace surfaces anywhere. I make sure the tissue box in the classroom is NOT on the teacher desk.

Yesterday I sent a kid to the nurse’s office at the beginning of sixth period.  He never returned, and was absent today.

We had Physics Olympics last weekend, and we were supposed to have a coaches’ meeting tonight.  But we had to postpone it because too many of the coaches were sick.

I’m STILL not sick yet.  But if I catch myself convinced for the 6th or 7th time in a day that I am finally coming down with it, I think I probably forgot to take my anxiety meds that morning.  This pandemic is hell on hypochondriacs like me.  The anticipation is killing me!

Pricing FAIL

21 May 2009

My husband said I should send this to the FAIL blog, but I am not really a fan of that blog.  However, I find this amusing enough for my own blog:


I took this photo with my phone, hence the poor quality.  But I love the $97.61 per QUART SAVE $2.00 !  On a 1.5-quart container of ice cream priced at $4.49!  The best part?  I first noticed this on Tuesday, when I went to buy ice cream to go with the strawberry-rhubarb crumble I was making to use the CSA rhubarb we got Monday.  I reported it to customer service, where an older gentleman tried to inform me that the store is required by law to post the unit price of the product, and I had to patiently explain that $97.61 was outrageous for a quart of ice cream.  Today, TWO days later, I saw that the bad labels (oh yeah, most of the ice cream in the case has similar labels!) were still there and reported it to customer service again.  We’ll see if they ever do something about it.

UPDATE: On Friday (3 days after the original complaint) the labels were still wrong.  I complained again, this time mentioning the FAIL blog and also mentioning how people around the world view it.  Today, Saturday, the labels had all been exchanged for corrected ones.

Cheer Up!

14 April 2009

There are lots of good things in the world, so despite the fact that I have grades due this week (and I’m not done grading, duh) and it is cold and rainy and I keep feeling chills and my lesson plans were made all topsy-turvy for a day (it’s only Tuesday, it’s only Tuesday, deep breath), THERE ARE REASONS TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY!

1) My highly intelligent husband who blew the GMAT exam out of the water last year was accepted into the graduate program of his choice, to start this fall.  And his work will pay for it!  Yay!  Plus he will still be earning a salary!  Double Yay!

2) I discovered yummy ice-cream sandwiches at the H-mart that contain vanilla ice cream and red bean paste (yum, red bean paste!) and while I don’t have any left the photo still makes me smile because they are shaped like FISH!


3) A friend of mine from college has the most amazing Easter resurrection video on her blog today, that DEFINITELY makes me smile!

4) There is more than enough chocolate, tea, and cheese in my house to get me through this week of getting grades completed.

5) Rainbows!  Rainbows are happy!


I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of what else will make me smile right now…I think it is time for some tea!  And then grading!

More Verizon wackiness

20 March 2009

The depths of Verizon’s awfulness keep getting deeper, the longer I live to learn about them. I swear, I don’t go looking for this stuff. Check out this lovely check written to verizon by xkcd’s Randall Munroe, then listen to some of the phone call that inspired it. It’s a long call, so I don’t recommend listening to the whole thing.

My kind of nerds

6 June 2008

This video was mentioned on the AP physics electronic discussion group this week. I love this! I will be showing it to my AP students next year, though I hope they already will have seen it by then.

By the way, my internet access from home has been down this week, and we are at Verizon’s mercy for a fix on the land line. So far, no dice. If you are trying to get in touch with me and you can’t reach my home phone, try my cell. At least the voicemail on my cell works! I’m able to read e-mail at school, but today is Friday and I’m outta here in a couple hours.